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5 top tips for Christmas weight control

Our top tips to avoid packing on the pounds over Christmas.
Our top tips to avoid packing on the pounds over Christmas.

Into December and the first of the Christmas lunches yesterday. Want to avoid packing on the pounds over the Christmas holiday? Follow our 5 top tips for Christmas weight control. And not just for Christmas either!

Top tip 1.

Forget about diets and start eating off smaller plates. You eat with your eyes, then with your nose and last of all with your mouth. An empty plate will tell your stomach you’ve eaten enough so you won’t feel hungry any more.

Top tip 2.

Portion control. Work out how much people need to eat, and don’t cook more. Serve up in the kitchen and then bring the loaded plates onto the dining table. Half empty dishes of food on the table are just a temptation to eat more. Leave any left-over veggies in the kitchen for Boxing Day bubble and squeak.

Top tip 3.

Drink alcohol with no more than one meal each day. You’ll empty the wine bottle anyway, so there’s no point in thinking about only drinking half of it. But make sure everyone has a glass of water on the table.

Top tip 4.

Only have one main meal each day.  If you have a big lunch just have a light supper. If you are going to have a big meal in the evening, have a light lunch. And don’t eat snacks between meals.

Top tip 5.

Don’t spend Christmas time-off crashed out in front of the telly. Take more exercise. Go for a walk. If there’s nowhere to walk locally, hop in the car and go to the seaside – anywhere. Take the grandchildren. Their parents will be delighted you’ve taken them off their hands for the afternoon!

And if you want to lose some weight…..get a dog. Follow our top tips in the New Year and a good walk every day and you’ll soon find your clothes aren’t so tight, and you’ll feel a lot fitter as well!



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