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Hi, my name’s Tony Rand and it was me who started agewhatage.com.  A bit about me:

I’ve been married to Karen for over 45 years and we have a grown up son and daughter, each with a little girl and boy of their own.  If that  sounds like too much of a coincidence, in each case the granddaughter came before the grandson. The children’s ages range from pre-school to primary, but I wont embarrass their parents by saying how old they are.

We live about 60 miles north east of London in the middle of the beautiful Suffolk countryside.  The year before last we sold our family home for 30 years, and moved into a rented house while we worked out what we wanted to do and where we were going to do it.

Last year I started to think about retiring, some 5 years after “normal” retirement was due.  One of my biggest worries was how was I going to fill over 50 hours each week I used to spend at work or driving to get there.  After all, you can’t spend all your time doing housework, gardening or walking round a golf course looking for lost balls!

So one of the solutions I came up with was to learn how to run a blog/website and to share some of the experiences of retiring.  As this was a first attempt it should keep the grey cells occupied until they seize up altogether.  I also found there was a real need for a site to bring together all the issues of retirement because like most people it’s not something I had done before.

One of most important ambitions for the site is to start an active forum where retired people can exchange information, views, news whatever.  There is always someone out there who has had to work through the same experiences.  Other peoples’ thoughts and coping strategies help us find a way to deal with our own lifetime challenges.

So that’s how I came to start agewhatage.com. Since then I have given a lot more thought about what we could do with the site.  I have put together some of my ideas in a general background piece you can reach by clicking here, but all suggestions are welcome – just ping the contact button.

I do hope you will join our community, and share your own experience in the forum as we build our group. You can follow my own personal retirement life in my blog – or as much of it as might be of general interest!