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Breaking free with Adidas

Breaking free with adidas
Breaking free with Adidas

Championing older people has been the bedrock of agewhatage.com since we first came up with the idea for the site.

We have come across lots of inspiring stories about retired folk who saw their later years as a time of opportunity for achieving unrealised goals or for continuing their working life irrespective of their age, and indeed have written about some of them in some of previous posts.  However, it’s unusual to read about any appreciation of us coming from the younger generation.

Quite by chance I happened on a story which is making a big buzz in the media and advertising world, and has certainly given a career boost to the German film student who started it all.

So far Eugen Merher has achieved over 10 million YouTube views of a film he produced for a course project.  The film is an ad for adidas trainers and tells the story of a retired athlete inspired to take up running again.

Adidas paid little interest in the film and brushed off all approaches by Eugen.  However, the film has gone viral, since when he has been deluged with interest from other companies and advertising agencies so should have no problem now in quick starting his post-graduate career.

Coming back to the film, our hero is clearly bored and unhappy with his life in the care home, and dreams of his bygone successes. Pretty soon he puts on his old Adidas trainers and running strip and starts to warm up around the corridors of the care home, but he becomes a nuisance so his carers take away his kit. The doors to the outside world are barred to him.

The other residents rally round and………….watch the video to see how it ends.



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