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Brexit – about time for some common sense

No room for common sense
The trouble sometimes is that there's so much noise there's no room for common sense

Brexit – 48 hours to go!

On Thursday we will all have the opportunity to vote on whether the United Kingdom should Remain in the European Union or Leave.

As I have the time to do so and I think it is important I have been reading and listening to the arguments on both sides.  I am amazed at how superficial this debate has become:

Leave:  Net Immigration is now 370,000 each year, and that’s too much.  It’s all the fault of the EU.

Remain: Over half the 370,000 come from outside the EU, so if we leave there will still be over 180,000 coming in from other countries.  Immigrants from the EU come here to work so put more into the UK than they take out.

Leave: No they don’t.  And they are happy to work for peanuts so they take jobs away from our own people and hit poor people in their pockets.

Remain: The UK needs more skilled people so we should welcome EU immigrants because they have the skills we need.  Also the NHS and other public services would collapse without EU workers.  Over time a lot of these people will go back to their families and home countries as their economies and employment prospects improve.  This may not be a good thing.

Leave:  It still costs us £360 million a week to be part of the EU.  That money could be spent on the NHS.

Remain:  No it doesn’t.  It only costs £136 million because of the money we get back in rebates, subsidies, etc.  That’s less than 12% of the defence budget and gives us open access to the largest market in the world.

Leave: Yes, but we still send £360 million each week to the EU, and we want to get our sovereignty back and control of our country.  And what about all those terrorists who should be sent back to other countries for trial and bang on about their human rights.

Remain: So you accept that EU membership costs £136 million and not £360 million. Extradition of terrorists from outside the EU comes under the European Court of Human Rights, which was formed by the Council of Europe which started in 1949 before the European Union got going.  Nothing to do with the European Community.

Also European Arrest Warrants were set up in 2004, so an arrest warrant issued in one country has to be enforced by another member state.  That’s why Spanish police arrest British criminals on the Costa del Sol and send them back to the UK for trial.  If we leave the EU it will be harder to get these people back for trial.  Like Ronnie Biggs.

Leave:  If we leave we can negotiate trade deals with all those other countries who want to do business with us.

Remain:  The largest collection of developed countries is the EU, so why would we want to leave this common market? In any case, there’s nothing to stop us trading now with all these other super new markets if we want to.

Leave:  The EU is holding us back. We would be better off if we left.

Remain:  Every financial institution worldwide has said that the UK would be worse off outside the EU.

Leave:  You can’t believe what the experts say.  After all they aren’t always right.

Remain:  Granted.  But if my chest hurts I would prefer to see a heart specialist than a plumber.

Leave:  Hmm. Yes, but we would get our country back.

Remain:  What does that mean?

Leave:  Well, we would get our country back.

Remain:  Anything more……….?


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