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Merry Christmas to all our users


Second Christmas for agewhatage.com, and time to celebrate the coming of age of our site. We decided to restructure the whole site in January, and like everything else, this took a lot more time and effort than we thought originally.

However, time spent was well worth while, and many thanks to our users for all the positive feedback.

We’ve also been working hard on our original content. We carry out our own in depth research on any content we post under the agewhatage.com name. However, like everything else, every expert has his own opinion, so we have to draw our own conclusions.

What is for sure though is that we continue to move into a time of greatest uncertainty. What with the floundering negotiations with Brussels to withdraw from the European Union, our main political parties tearing themselves apart over ideology, and our fragile national economy, no-one can expect peaceful tranquillity over the coming year.

Our own bet is that the government will fall before next year is out, to be replaced by a loose pro-Europe coalition. Brexit will be postponed, and eventually fall by the wayside. Our future position in Europe will be determined by the relative strength of the German government, and how successfully we can align ourselves with Paris.

Time will tell.  If I’m right, don’t forget you read it here first.

In the meantime, our very best wishes for Christmas and a hugely rewarding new year to everyone.


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