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Frustrating time down at the allotment. What with all the wet weather it’s been impossible to get on with clearing the whole plot so my original deadline of end July may not be achieved.  The weeds and grass I haven’t cleared yet have really benefited from the rain – they are now a waist-high meadow.

Still, every cloud has a silver lining.  Potatoes are coming along fine.  I planted three rows at the end of May, probably a month late, but there should be a good crop coming ready by mid August.  Some panic over a suspected outbreak of potato blight.  Much discussion of the effectiveness of Bordeaux mixture as an antidote, but no sign of any infection on my crop so far.

The second planting of runner beans (slugs ate most of the first lot) is also starting to climb and a few flower buds showing.

Leeks are doing OK so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  It really was a question of planting straight after digging over.  Many thanks to Belinda for donating her surplus young plants.

Climbing French beans are now in but again it’s again a question of keeping fingers crossed for some warmer weather.  It’s been incredibly hard to get them to germinate, so in the end I bought a tray of young plants from our local supplier.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

On the plus side as a result of my new career in horticulture and the stresses and strains of moving house I am down to the same weight I was 10 years ago. I can now use clothes I haven’t worn for over 5 years, and yesterday had to buy a new shorter belt because I had run out of holes in the old one.  Even my back and shoulders have stopped complaining after a morning in the trenches.

Still raining though.


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