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4 litres of sloe gin ready for Christmas and the English winter
4 litres of sloe gin ready for Christmas and the English winter

It’s not just the vegetable plot that’s produced really well this year.  The hedgerows are full of ripening sloes, which is a huge change from last year when an early summer fungus wiped out most of the crop. This year only the best were chosen to turn into sloe gin.

This year they are big fat and juicy, and started to ripen last month. The first batch of sloe gin was laid down at the end of August, fully six weeks ahead of last year. Does that mean we will have a short Autumn and long hard Winter?  Who knows? We will be well prepared.

I’ll be sticking to the same recipe as last year as it turned out really well.

This year I’ll be using Aldi’s own brand of gin. Experts say it’s one of the best on the market and no need to look elsewhere as it’s the cheapest on the market as well.

Last year we left a bag of sloes in the freezer until after Christmas. Bottled in March, the result was even better than the batch of sloe gin we made earlier.

So, if you haven’t been out picking yet, don’t waste time because the harvest will soon be over.

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