Home Life The dog ate my money. Help!

The dog ate my money. Help!

What to do if the dog eats your money

So there it was, sitting in the middle of the carpet, a nearly new £10 note with one end neatly chewed away. And even though she looked as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, there was no doubt about it. The dog ate my money!

Now, £10 is £10 and not to be lost lightly, so I took it into the local branch of our bank. They coudn’t do anything to help me, but suggested I try the Bank of England.

One google search later I had found the Bank of England’s web page explaining exactly what to do if your bank notes have come to grief.

I duly downloaded a simple form and when completed sent it off with the remains of the bank note, without, I have to admit, any great expectation. So I was more than happy to see £10 transferred directly into my bank account next time I checked my statement.  What service!

It seems the BOE has a special department set up just to replace torn or mutilated bank notes, and they get over 23,000 claims every year.  In some circumstances they will even pay out if there are no physical  remains of the notes at all – though quite how that works I am not quite sure.

So if and when it happens again, no worries,  Straight to the Bank of England, and problem solved.


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